Magic Beans Indie 4 All Terrain Stroller and Bassinet Review

September 26th, 2014

Bumbleride indie 4 review

Indie 4 All Terrain Stroller and Bassinet Review

Thanks Ben and Magic Beans for your Indie 4 review with video!!

“The zippiest all-terrain stroller has so many great features that it’s hard to see why everyone wouldn’t love it! Bumbleride strollers are easy to love, with their eco-friendly materials, thoughtful engineering, and beautiful design….

All in all, the Bumbleride Indie 4 Stroller is for a mom (Ed: or dad) who does a lot of walking and doesn’t just stick to the suburban sidewalks, either: if you want to show your baby the natural world, this well-made stroller’s air tires and strong construction ensure that it will offer a smooth, comfortable ride and can handle all the exercise you can give it.” -Magic Beans

Read their full review here,

Learn more about Indie 4 here, or purchase it from Magic Beans here, .

Learn more about Ben in Magic Bean’s latest post in the “Meet the Magic Beans Team” blog series, .


Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September 24th, 2014

Childhood Cancer PS image

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month? A serious topic but a real one that affects many young families. The American Childhood Cancer Organization,, is a great support to families in need and a leader in Pediatric Cancer Research.

Here are  a few resources for how we can all help:

- Check out P.S. I Adore You,, an online retailer of children’s items whose mission is to help bring awareness to childhood cancer.

cozy courage

- Another way to contribute is by purchasing a beautiful blanket or just making a donation to Cozy Courage, This is a non-profit organization out of Los Angeles where two moms create beautiful fleece lined Kantha blankets inspired from India and much more! 10% of online sales and your donation goes towards the production of these beautiful blankets and distributing them to children undergoing treatment in oncology clinics and hospitals. Read more about their story and motivation here,

Cozy Courage Blankets Apple Image


Jennifer Aspen – Bumbleride Indie Testimonial

August 25th, 2014

Jennifer Aspen Bumbleride Testimonial

“This is a picture of my daughter Charlotte conked out in her Bumbleride.  And it should tell you a couple things:
1) It’s dirty. Cause we use it all the time and I never get around to washing it (which is easy to do).
2) My child loves it. Hence the foot. Hence she’s sound asleep.
Bumbleride was our first stroller and when we are done with it, I will most likely cry. Not just because it means
my child is too grown up to ride in a stroller, but because of the memories of the places we’ve been in it.
The Bumbleride is my outing stroller, my jogging stroller, my travel stroller all in one.  It’s gone around the block
and to destinations like Cape Cod,  Big Sur, Arizona, Florida,  Disneyland and DisneyWorld.  We have used it since
Charlotte was first able to be in a stroller. It’s versatility is fantastic.  It’s design and quality top notch. This
is the stroller I tell everyone to get. Because it’s the only one you need. Thank You Bumbleride for being a part
of our lives!”

-Jennifer Aspen

Thanks so much for sharing Jen! -Bumbleride

Learn more about Indie here, .

Baby Dickey – Bumbleride’s NEW Indie 4 stroller: ready.explore.uniquely you.

August 8th, 2014

Indie 4 all terrain stroller review Baby Dickey

Bumbleride Indie 4 stroller review

Bumbleride’s NEW Indie 4 stroller: ready.explore.uniquely you.

Baby Dickey recently reviewed our Indie 4 all terrain stroller after owning the Indie since last fall. Here are a few highlights from her review:

  • Last fall I tried out the wonderful Bumbleride Indie stroller and still LOVE it! It moves like a dream. If you remember, I had that video of my then 3-year-old pushing his little sister in it because it IS so easy and he even commented about how “fast” it goes.”
  • I mostly wondered if it would still move amazingly well, like its sister stroller. YES, it definitely does!


  • I adore anything with a bassinet. I think I need another baby just to use the bassinet… hint hint, to the husband. The stroller seat and the bassinet are two separate pieces so you will need storage for whichever you aren’t using. The bassinet does easily and nicely fold flat, though, with a simple sliding bar at the base!
  • There’s a nice zippered cover for the bassinet and of course the large canopy works with it, too. You can remove the bassinet from the stroller to use like a bed, which would be useful when your baby falls asleep on the walk!

Bumbleride Indie 4 Bassinet Review


  • The stroller seat has an adjustable strap on the back for reclining the seat to any position.
  • I love the sides of the stroller when the seat is reclined and the protection and comfort that fabric provides.

Bumbleride indie 4 ready explore uniquely you

Eco Conscious Fabric

  • One of the reasons I’m a big fan of the Bumbleride brand is their use of eco-conscious fabric on their strollers. The Indie 4 is made up of 50% recycled PET (14 plastic bottles) and 50% bamboo charcoal fiber to help reduce landfill space while offering improved comfort and durability. The fabric wicks away moisture, too, which helps regulate your child’s temperature and inhibits bacterial growth.


  • I have to talk about the fold. Having tried out a good number of strollers, I’m super picky about how a stroller folds and stands (IF it stands). The Indie 4 has a simple fold—pull up on the two levers with both hands (pretty standard) and it basically folds in half. Then you’ll see a handle to easily carry it in the folded position.
  • Why I love it: it auto locks (yea, not all strollers do!) AND (even better) it stands on its own when folded. A MUST. It doesn’t, however, easily move when folded—you have to carry it and it’s 22 lb, which isn’t bad and certainly manageable.


  • Mini Board- We got the mini-board to attach to the back of our Indie (pictured above) for Ryan and he loves his “skateboard.” I am slightly aware of the mini-board while I’m walking behind it, but I’ve never “tripped” on it or anything and the Indie still moves like a dream with it attached
  • Snack Pack-The child snack pack is another must-have for Bumbleride strollers. It goes right in front where the bumper bar was, zippers shut when you aren’t using it, and has two nice and deep compartments for snacks and drinks. It’s great!

Bumbleride Indie 4 with Mini Board reviewBumbleride Indie 4 Snack Pack Review

Learn more about Indie 4 here,

Read the full review here,

Bumbleride Parents – Marketing Director – Kailin

July 30th, 2014

Bumbleride Parents Bumbleride Blog Kailin Marketing

Bumbleride Parents – Marketing Director – Kailin

This week we would like to introduce another one of our Bumbleride parents and our Marketing Director, Kailin. In addition to her role at Bumbleride, Kailin is the mother of 3 year old Noah and is expecting her second child in October.

My first experience with Bumbleride was when my son was just 9 months old. A friend referred me to the Bumbleride Indie, and I was hooked! My husband and I both love to run and we also love to explore the beautiful city of San Diego where we live. The Indie allowed Noah to do these things with us.

When people ask me what I do (for a living), I answer that I have 2 careers. My “official” one being the Marketing Director for Bumbleride, and the other of being mommy to my three year old son, Noah.

Having children was never on my “agenda”. It wasn’t that I was against the idea; it just never seemed like the right time. When I was blessed with Noah my world was changed. Noah is an incredibly energetic and bright little boy who amazes me each day. His enthusiasm for everything he does reminds me to take a second, slow down and soak up life’s little moments. This can be hard at times because I am also one of the thousands of wives whose husbands are gone for several months at a time to serve in the military. As a full-time working mom (literally), I find myself getting wrapped up in endless to-do lists as I attempt to be the best at both of my “jobs”.

To keep myself focused on what’s important, I try to abide by a few working mom “rules” that I’ve established for myself:

  1. The On/Off switch. I have had to learn that when I leave the office each day I leave it…and it can’t come home with me. I have caught myself too many times on my phone checking an email while Noah is sitting in my lap and missing a wonderful moment.
  2. Stop feeling guilty. I remember the first day I dropped Noah off at daycare and felt so guilty that I was leaving him that I almost quit my job on the spot when I got to work. Luckily I didn’t.  I got over it and found that Noah actually really likes going to “school” and that having that structure each day helps him feel secure, especially when daddy is away.
  3. Don’t try to cram everything into a weekend. It’s hard when I work all week and miss my son to not want to cram every “bonding” moment into a weekend…whether it be trips to Disneyland, museums, etc.  What I’ve found is that Noah actually just wants to “hang out” and build miles of train tracks around our living room or ride his bike to the park. Also, in my attempt to be “super mom” I am actually more stressed and much less fun to be around.
  4. Never stop growing. As a professional, I find I’m happiest when I’m growing or making a difference.  The same applies to my parenting. I have found that instead of getting angry about why my son misbehaves, I tuck it away as a problem to be studied. Don’t get me wrong, I think a lot of parenting comes from within, but I also think it doesn’t hurt to get another opinion J
  5. Find a day job that supports your “real” job. With my family always at the mercy of military orders, I learned that my professional life has to support my family life…or they both fall apart.
  6. Enjoy all the little moments. When Noah was born, I started a tradition of creating a memory book for each year of his life. I save funny things he says and adorable photos throughout the year and then create them into a keepsake book online when the year ends. What started as something on my mom “to do” list of things has become an enjoyable way for me to savor little moments I would otherwise forget. When I’m having a tough week, I will often open up my notes and remember the time he told me that his “feelings hurt” in reference to a tummy ache. Or how every morning when he wakes up he loves to tell me about the “movies” he watched last night while he slept. I would forget about how he assures me often that “Mommy, I’m growed up now and getting bigger and bigger…but I’ll always be your baby.”

I have been lucky to find a home with the Bumbleride Family here in San Diego and a position that allows me to learn more and more about the parents who are just like me.

In the next 2 months I will begin a new and exciting chapter in my life, as we welcome our second child. I look forward to growing as a mother and would love to receive your tips and tricks!

Bumbleride Parents Bumbleride Blog Kailin Marketing

Bumbleride Parents Bumbleride Blog Kailin Marketing

Momtrends – Strolling in the Bumbleride Flite – Flite Review

July 29th, 2014

MomTrends Logo
Bumbleride Parents Bumbleride Blog

Strolling in the Bumbleride Flite

Mom Trends recently reviewed our Flite stroller. Here are a few highlights from their review:

  • “As a mom of an almost three-year-old, I love how she has taken to scooting and walking around our little area in Brooklyn. But being that she is three she also gets tired easily and can’t walk the same distances (without melting down) as my six-year-old. In those instances I make sure that our lightweight Bumbleride Flite isn’t far behind.”
  • “… it offers the convenience of an umbrella stroller with a super durable frame.”
  • “Personally, I use this for trips to school, grocery store visits, travel and subway adventures to Manhattan.”
  • “Weighing in at 14 pounds, I love how slim and strong it is as my toddler sits comfortably”
  • “These strong wheels are also incredible as they can handle super bumpy streets thanks to its smooth wheel system that is incredibly supported by its front and rear suspensions.”
  • ” I love how the Bumbleride Flite has a quick-release fold easily folds as well as its built-in carrying handle that enables parents to easily lift the folded stroller into the car, train or storage bin.”


The Bumbleride Flite is ideal for families looking for the convenience of an umbrella stroller with a super durable frame that makes this stroller both sturdy and compact, for travel and everyday life.

Learn more about Flite or purchase here,

Read the whole review over at Momtrends,

Hither & Thither – Visiting DisneyWorld (With A Toddler)

July 14th, 2014

Hither & Thither Logo

hither n thither visiting disneyworld with a toddler

Hither & Thither – Visiting DisneyWorld (With A Toddler)

Hither & Thither recently returned from a trip to DisneyWorld in Orlando,FL with two kids under three. Here are some of their tips, photos and highlights:

  • My general feeling, with kids this young, is that you’re best off when you’ve planned just enough to keep everyone from standing around staring at a map when they’re hungry or tired, but not so much that you’re not willing to let it all go and just follow their lead.
  • I actually think the FastPass program can be a plus/minus at the toddler age. Obviously, you don’t want to spend time waiting in line with a two-year-old (HUGE plus); but they also add the element of schedule to your day (potential minus). (First off, there’s a relatively new system called FastPass+. I won’t go into detail, because others will do much better. But read all about it before you go and get the app on your phone once you get your park tickets.)
  • I thought it was surprisingly hard to find good stopping places for nursing comfortably.
  • Don’t bother too much about getting spots before a parade. Unless it’s essential to you to sit down or have front-row views, you can usually stroll up just before one begins and find somewhere from which to stand and give little ones a lift.
  • There are two Dumbos at DisneyWorld, and there’s an awesome playground inside the line where you can sit down, cool off, nurse the baby, and whatnot while they climb inside a mock circus tent. They give you these little restaurant-style buzzers to let you know when to rejoin the line.
  • Which brings me to: bring a comfortable stroller. You can rent strollers, but the double options at DisneyWorld looked pretty hard to nap in. We were lucky that Bumbleride sent us this awesome double stroller (the Indie Twin) for the trip. Though we rarely use a stroller with Hudson at home, we found he grew tired of walking within minutes of arriving. We were so glad we had a comfortable spot for both kids—especially when they both slept in it!
  • There’s stroller parking everywhere (check this out) and we never felt worried about someone stealing ours. (That said, it was helpful to have valuables in a single bag we could grab when parking it.) The only place where the double felt too tight was the tram—where you have to fold it up to ride in a narrow bench. Most days, one person (often my dad) would walk to the gates with the stroller while I rode the tram with the kids. On a couple of occasions, at the Magic Kingdom, he actually dropped us at the monorail stop and then parked—meeting us later.
  • I really loved the Animal Park. We started a day there with a safari in their version of Kilimanjaro—it was a little like the Jungle Book Ride comes to life—and I thought the vistas across the large animal enclosures were pretty awesome. (By the way, if you’re planning on going without a FastPass, this is a good one to get to early.)
  • We learned that ample snacks, partially frozen water bottles, and frequent visits to the Casey Jr. splash zone made all the difference.
  • There are plenty of reasons to wait until your kids are older—and asking—to go to DisneyWorld. And I think we were probably a bit overly ambitious to use the five-day-pass with these two (three days would have been ample). But there was an innocence to Hudson’s reactions that I’ve really enjoyed. It can indeed feel a bit magical—with the right expectations.

Read the whole post here,

Indie Twin Stroller kids napping disneyworld

disney world mono rail with bumbleride indie twin

The Independent UK – 7 Best Jogging Strollers

July 11th, 2014

Best Jogging Stroller Bumbleride Indie
Independent UK Best jogging strollers

The Independent – 7 Best Jogging Strollers

The Independent in the United Kingdom recently shared an article rating the best jogging strollers. Here are some of the highlights from their review:

  • Ideally, choose one with 16 inch wheels, a five point harness, a hand operated break, a fixed front wheel and a wrist loop. Also make sure your baby is six months old and able to hold their head up. In fact, some manufactures saying the baby should be at least a year old.
  • Be mindful that this isn’t like normal running – there will be increased pressure on your arms and shoulders that you’ll need to get used to. Also, be aware that these new buggies are big, even when folded, so be sure to have somewhere to store it.

Bumbleride Indie Jogging Stroller

  • The Bumbleride Indie comes in at a close second, thanks to it being nippy, lightweight, good looking and easy to steer.
  • This looks fabulous and offers a comfy ride, largely thanks to the soft and gorgeous fabrics. It’s lightweight and nippy and the steering is unbeatable. The enormous shopping basket and canopy and easy fold mechanism are also in its favour, although the recline is a little fiddly.

Read the whole article here,

Cool Mom Picks – Bumbleride Indie 4: Lightweight and off-road ready

July 7th, 2014

Cool Mom Picks indie 4 review
Bumbleride Parents Bumbleride Blog

Cool Mom Picks – Bumbleride Indie 4: Lightweight and off-road ready

Esther at Cool Mom Picks recently put Indie 4 through their family’s usual paces: the mall, the park and the boardwalk. Here are a few highlights from her review:

  • I’m happy to report that after a week of using the Bumbleride Indie 4 as our main ride, its all-terrain wheels provide the smooth ride I’m used to from my The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 and that’s saying something.
  • I put it the Indie 4 through our usual paces at the mall, the park, and the boardwalk, and I love that it handles turns on a dime and is narrow enough to easily navigate in and out of doorways.
  • I especially appreciate the extendable sun canopy that provides extra coverage for my son.
  • The Indie 4 is also heavy enough that if I hook a couple bags to the back, it won’t topple over when I remove my son from his seat…
  • I also feel like I’m helping the environment on some level because the fabric is eco-friendly, made from recycled PET and bamboo blend.
  • The 22-pound Bumbleride Indie 4 all-terrain stroller is not as lightweight as an umbrella stroller, although it is easy enough to lift into the trunk of a car (and I’m five months pregnant and ultra-cautious about what I lift these days).
  • All things considered, I think the Bumbleride Indie 4 is a fantastic stroller, especially given the $599 price point which includes an infant bassinet, a generously-sized cargo basket underneath, and the all-important cup holder.

Read the whole review here, .

Baby Gizmo – Bumbleride Indie vs. Bumbleride Indie 4 Comparison Video

July 3rd, 2014

Bumbleride Indie vs. Indie 4 review

Indie vs. Indie 4 Comparison Review Video Baby Gizmo all terrain stroller

Baby Gizmo recently reviewed our Indie 4 here, and wanted to provide a comparison video for expectants and parents deciding between Indie and Indie 4. Watch the video below to learn more about the biggest differences. Which model would best fit your family’s lifestyle? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

You can find the full review here, .