American Baby Bests 2014 – Favorite Stroller- We need your vote! Enter & Win a $250 giftcard!

February 3rd, 2014

American Baby Bests 2014 Favorite Stroller Bumbleride Strollers
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Bumbleride is nominated in the 2014 American Baby Bests Awards by American Baby Magazine/! Vote for Bumbleride and your favorite car seat here,

Make sure to enter the American Baby Best Sweepstakes for a $250 gift card!

Click on your favorite brands to nominate them for a 2014 American Baby Bests Award. You can also leave a comment telling us WHY you love a product; you might appear in our October issue along with the big winners.

Thank you for your vote Bumbleride Family!


13 Responses to “American Baby Bests 2014 – Favorite Stroller- We need your vote! Enter & Win a $250 giftcard!”

  1. siti maizurah Says:

    I love bumbleride

  2. info Says:

    Thanks for your vote Siti!

  3. Naomi Petainen Says:

    Bumbleride is AWESOME! Would love to have one for our little one coming August 2014.

  4. EKaterina kreydich Says:

    Looking forward to getting bumbleride indie for my son. After 2 months search, so happy i found what i need!

  5. Tammie Wertman Says:

    I love bumbleride

  6. Amalia Says:

    Bumbleride is a great product. I would love to get it for baby #2

  7. Dani Says:

    I love the bumbleride indie. I recommend it to anyone w a child. It folds up easy and I love the lockable front wheel. Not to mention the stylish colors!!!

  8. Tiffany Brochu Says:

    Love the bumbleride indie!!!

  9. Martina Says:

    We are looking forward to getting the Bumbleride Indie in the next few weeks. It’s versatile, for city as well as off-road usage, for infants and toddlers, has great reviews by current owners, and is a good value. We’re trying to avoid buying multiple strollers for different uses (storage space), and so far this stroller seems like the best fit for our needs.

  10. Rachel Coleman Says:

    Bumbleride is cool!

  11. Sandi Taylor Says:

    I am adopting a baby and will be moving to Japan so this stroller would be amazing to take with me.

  12. rhonda Says:

    Saw the stroller great light economically and light. Would love to win one for my baby.

  13. Itawati Misradin Says:

    I love Bumbleride so much . I prefer simple stroller to use everyday. It’s easy to care with modern design, lighwight, comfortable and safety for my Little Prince, I think this is one of the best stroller in this era. Thank you #BumblerideMalaysia to give an oppotunity to take a part in this contest! I wish I can be part of Bumbleride family

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