Babble Blogger Favorites: Single Strollers 2012 – Flite

January 8th, 2013

Babble Best single Stroller Indie all terrain

babble best umbrella lightweight stroller bumbleride flite

Bumbleride Flite

An umbrella stroller that doesn’t feel like an umbrella stroller. 

Best for: Someone who wants an umbrella stroller as their one and only stroller. 

Not best for: Again, parents who need a reversible seat or all-terrain wheels. 

Favorite features: The Bumbleride Flite is one of the most maneuverable umbrella strollers I’ve tested — riding smoothly and feeling sturdy, while still being comfy and supportive for little ones. It has an almost-full recline, adjustable footrest, and accessible storage basket — as well as an automatic lock and carrying handle for traveling. It’s compatible with a variety of car seats, as well as the Bumbleride carrycot — so it really could be your one and only stroller. 

I do wish that the canopy was a little bigger (like the other Bumbleride strollers) and that the storage basket had better support, especially for the relatively high price tag. 

Age/Weight limits: 6 months to 50 lbs. 

Buy from: Bumbleride, $250 – $270

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  1. Andy Says:

    A good stroller will definitely simplify your travels!

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