Baby Gizmo – Bumbleride Mini Board Video Review

February 5th, 2014

Bumbleride Mini Board Review and Video Giveaway
Bumbleride Mini Board Review and Video Giveaway

Baby Gizmo Spotlight Video Review: Bumbleride Mini Board

Baby Gizmo recently braved the cold to review our Mini Board with Indie! Here are a few highlights from their review along with her video review.

  • This skateboard-style board is a perfect way to extend the life of your Bumbleride Indie or Indie Twin to accommodate those growing toddlers who just want to catch a ride from time to time.
  • The Mini Board easily clamps to the frame of your Bumbleride stroller in seconds and features a slip-resistant deck for your toddler to stand on while they hold on to the handlebar.
  • We found that the two swivel wheels are very durable and gave it great maneuverability.
  • Since the board is designed for the toddler to stand inside the handlebar, at 5’5, I was happy to find out that the board didn’t get in the way of my stride as I walked.
  • You do have to remove the board from the stroller when folding, but the clamp system makes it super easy.

To get an up close and personal look at the Mini Board, take a peek at our full video review below.

Bumbleride Mini Board

You can find the full review here,

Guest Blog Post Series – Michael Underwood and Angellica Bell – United Kingdom

January 24th, 2014

Michael Underwood and Angellica Bell Guest Blog Post Indie Twin Best Double Stroller

My daughter is growing up fast and has just hit her six month milestone. She’s already sitting up unaided and has outgrown the carrycot on our Bumbleride. Although we love the longer sleeping hours, the reduced crying and the cheeky giggling, we do miss having a new born baby. Not that we’re considering having a third…at least not right now anyway!

Thankfully, it was a straightforward job to re-organise the buggy, but it meant another foot muff needed to be installed. It’s a particularly cold winter this year in London and the last thing we want, as we head towards the Christmas holiday season, are two children under two with stinking colds.

My wife and I love Christmas and normally spend the holidays in New York City. Since having children though, this hasn’t been possible and I’m not even sure it’s legal to have children in Manhattan, as I don’t even remember ever seeing a child’s buggy on the island. I guess it’s more likely I just didn’t notice any, but you never know. 

The one thing I always dread about Christmas is the annual shopping expedition. It was bad enough when we were child free, but with two little ones, it’s bound to be stressful.  After all, people who don’t have children do not like double buggies. Seriously, I have never heard so much tutting or seen so many disapproving looks. Admittedly, this isn’t helped by the fact that even on a normal shopping trip I end up bumping into someone’s ankles or banging past their shopping bags, so what chance do I have during the busy festive season? One thing in my favour, other than the fact the Indie Twin is easily manoeuvrable, is that it’s also more compact that similar buggies. I’ve never been a fan of buggies which have one child sat over the top of the other and besides, there’s no way my son would be happy being hidden away like that. He has to have a front seat, so he can busily interact with everything and everyone he sees. There’s also plenty of room to store your shopping, so we won’t have to balance it all precariously on the front bar.

This is going to be our first Christmas as a family of four and I cannot wait for the day to arrive. The stress doesn’t end there though, as it’s my son’s birthday on the 26th and my wedding anniversary on the 27th. December is an expensive month. Happy Holidays!

Stroller Traffic – Buzz Guide 2014: Gear – Exciting big-ticket products coming down the pike

January 17th, 2014


Bumbleride Indie 4 Best Stroller at ABC Expo
Best all terrain stroller
Terrific fold, great suspension Indie 4

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My Baby Stuff – Getting Around with the New Bumbleride Mini Board – Canada

January 8th, 2014

MyBabyStuff Blog

Bumbleride Mini Board

Getting Around with the New Bumbleride Mini Board

I don’t like to admit it but my six year old daughter doesn’t like walking long distances. When we go out on the town we constantly have the kids taking turns in the stroller. Our toddler starts in the stroller until our daughter can no longer walk. Then we switch the kids again and again.

It’s a drag and can make outings very exhausting.

I was so happy when Bumbleride introduced its newest accessory for the Indie – the Mini Board.

This is the attachment I’ve been waiting for! The minute my daughter saw the Mini Board she was interested to head out to give it a try. She immediately told us she’d be surfing behind the stroller.

I’ll be honest, I was a bit skeptical about the set up at first. My main concern was that the board would get in my way and my feet would bump it with every step. I also thought it slow down the glide that I was familiar with and interfere with my steering. I’m happy to report thatmy feet didn’t even get close to the Mini Board when we were in motion. It also did not interfere with the maneuverability of my stroller. I can easily steer the stroller with one hand when the Mini Board is attached and answer my phone if neccesary.

Bumbleride Mini Board

Bumbleride Mini Board

The Mini Board attaches easily to my Bumbleride Indie and stays put.

Your child can stand on the Mini Board behind the stroller handle but my daughter prefers to stand inside the handle.
This also makes it easier for me to steer.

What I love about the Mini Board:

  • Gives my oldest child a spot to stand when we’re out and about
  • It’s easy to install. 2 quick snaps is all it takes.
  • It is sturdy and has awesome slip-resistant grip for little feet
  • The large wheels that turn 360 degrees
  • My stroller continues to maneuver perfectly with the Mini Board attached
  • The Mini Board is a quality, well-made product
  • The attachment fits the design aesthetics of the stroller
  • It extends the life of my stroller


We took our Bumbleride Indie and Mini Board to our local museum last weekend. It was such a wonderful outing. Both kids were happy and we were able to zip through the museum much faster than usual.

I constantly have questions about the Mini Board when I’m out using it.  Moms think it’s the coolest attachment and I love telling them that it is a perfect addition! I obviously love my stroller and I’m not ready to give it up, so this allows it to adapt with our growing kids.

The Mini Board works great with our stroller. It doesn’t slow us down at all. Both my kids love riding the Mini Board and have asked me many times to go for more walks! I especially like that the Mini Board will extend the life of my stroller. I can see myself using my Indie for a few more years now that we have this accessory.

The Mini Board is compatible with both the Bumbleride Indie and the Indie Twin. It is designed to hold a maximum weight of 44lbs.

You can purchase the Mini Board for $120.00 at specialty stores across Canada and the US. You can also purchase it from the Bumbleride website.

Bumbleride Mini Board

Bumbleride Mini Board

Bumbleride MIni Board

The kids still take turns when we go out with the stroller. But now they take turns riding the Mini Board!

To learn more about Bumbleride products check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Bumbleride Mini Board

Read more at My Baby Stuff and find the original review here,

Cool Mom Picks – Eco-friendly strollers (and accessories!) that don’t skimp on style

January 3rd, 2014

Bumbleride Stroller | Cool Mom Picks

I’ve tried to be a pretty eco-savvy mom. But with three kids and all the gear that goes along with a posse that size? Yeah. Many times I’ve struggled to wrap my brain around how we could have wound up with so much stuff … and where it might end up years down the road. When my kids were teeny babies, there just weren’t many green”options to choose from. But today things are different, in the best way. And CMP fave Bumbleride is making it easier for parents to make choices that are healthier for our kids and better for the planet, too.

The first awesome feature of Bumbleride’s new strollers is that they use eco-friendly fabrics made with 50% recycled PET from plastic bottles and 50% renewable bamboo charcoal. That’s pretty cool. And just because it’s greener fabric doesn’t mean it lacks color: this amazing eco-fabric actually comes in bright shades of pink, aquamarine, red, and more. (I’m partial to the red for the holiday season, I have to say.)

It’s not just the stroller fabric that’s cleaned up, but the accessory fabric, too. And as winter rolls into town, a Bumbleride footmuff and liner would be the perfect accompaniment to keep baby’s toes toasty on long, chilly walks. Plus, what a fun way to add a pop of color to dreary winter days.

For particularly snowy and rainy climates, I’ve saved my favorite for last: the Non-PVC Rain Cover. That “non-PVC” part is what I love. So many of these clear stroller covers are still made from PVC, a material that’d just plain bad for everyone, especially babies. So I love that with the Bumbleride covers babies get protection from the elements without having to breathe in any icky, plastic-y fumes.

Bumbleride’s eco-friendly strollers and stroller accessories are available online, or give them a test drive at your neighborhood baby store.

You can find the full article here,

The Baby Guy Gear Guide – #12DaysOfStrollers: DAY NINE

December 19th, 2013

Best All Terrain Stroller Baby Guy NYC Bumbleride Giveaway

It’s that time of year…again.  This is my third year doing a 12 Days of Christmas-themed giveaway, but this year I thought I’d change it up a bit.  One year I gave away prizes that corresponded to the number of the day (12 winners on Day 12, etc), last year I just gave away a ton of stuff.  This year it’s strollers.  All.  Strollers.





Day 9 is a package from Bumbleride.  I will maintain that the Bumbleride Indie is one of the smoothest strollers I have EVER pushed.  It looks great, has great wheels, great suspension, and holds a ton of weight.  There’s not a lot NOT to love about this stroller.  Throw in a diaper bag AND the new Mini Board for an older kid to ride along, and you’ve got a niiiiiiiiiice bundle of bumble.  See that widget below?  What exactly are you waiting for?

Enter here and learn more about Indie here, .

Jamie Grayson’s Baby Gear Guide – Baby Gear Essentials for New York City

December 18th, 2013

Best City Stroller Baby Guy NYC Jamie Grayson Baby Gear Guide

Jamie shares tips and favorite products to get around the city with a baby. Learn more about our Bumbleride Flite here,

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Together Magazine – Best “Eco-Friendly” Stroller

December 17th, 2013


Best Eco Friendly Stroller
                                                        Stroller with recycled materials green stroller


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Our Knight Life – Holiday Gift Guide: Bumbleride Diaper Bag Giveaway {Ends 12/22}

December 11th, 2013


Bumbleride Diaper Bag Giveaway and review

This holiday season I’m excited to be able to not only showcase some amazing companies in my Holiday Gift Guide, but also to be able to give away some of those family gift suggestions to my amazing readers!!

"holiday gifts" "Holiday Gift Guide" "Holiday Gift Giveaways"

This next giveaway comes from the “For Dads” section of my Holiday Gift Guide, but really I love it too!  Recently one of my favorite stroller companies released a diaper bag.  While these Bumbleride diaper bags perfectly compliment the Bumbleride strollers, they are also great for parents that want a diaper bag that is eco-friendly, clean, and gender neutral (meaning Dads can carry this without a second thought).

"Bumbleride Diaper Bag" "Diaper Bag" "Dad Diaper Bag" "eco-friendly diaper bag"

About Bumbleride Diaper Bags

Designed to keep up with parents’ on-the-go lifestyles, the new Bumbleride Diaper Bag features a unique, adjustable design that can quickly convert from over-the-shoulder to on-the-stroller toting. The urban, messenger-style Diaper Bag boasts a changing pad and nine sizable pockets to safely store essentials like bottles, diapers, toys, cell phone, keys, or snacks.

This diaper bag is perfect for a quick day trip or everyday go to bag.

It features:

  • Two VERY large front pockets
  • Nine total pockets (including 2 for bottles)
  • Durable Eco-conscious fabric featuring recycled plastic (PET) and bamboo charcoal fiber. Learn more about the fabrics here
  • 7 unique colors
  • Stroller straps to install directly onto stroller and interchangeable shoulder strap for easy wearing
  • A super cushy changing pad
  • Magnetic closure

I was lucky enough to bring this diaper bag home from ABC Kids Expo and my husband was SO excited. He said “Finally, a diaper bag for me!”.  We have used it several times, and love it.  I also love that it retails at $59 making it an affordable option in diaper bags, and if you already have a diaper bag but want one for your husband this one won’t break the bank!

Win It!

"Bumbleride Diaper Bag" "Diaper Bag" "Dad Diaper Bag" "eco-friendly diaper bag"

One Lucky Our Knight Life reader will win a Bumbleride Diaper Bag in the color of your choice (based on availability).  This giveaway is open to US/CAN and ends on 12/22

Read more at Our Knight Life here,

oh joy! blog – Traveling Abroad With A Toddler….

December 11th, 2013

Oh Joy traveling with toddler and bumbleride Flite Travel Stroller
Oh Joy | Traveling Abroad with a Toddler

After all of our travels with Ruby lately (and especially after our two-week trip to France), I’ve gotten to know the ins and outs of being on the go with a toddler. For all you parents out there who are planning trips soon and are nervous about any aspect of it, I thought I’d share 10 tips for traveling abroad with a toddler and what I’ve learned along the way. While this post is focused on traveling abroad, many of my tips apply to traveling with little ones in general, no matter how close or far…


Oh Joy | Traveling Abroad with a Toddler

01. Make your list of to-dos in advance, organized by area and type of activity…but also keep your days flexible. If I was traveling just with my husband, I’d love the idea of waking up leisurely and seeing where the day took us. Or I’d jam-pack a ton of activities into each day. But with a toddler’s limited attention span, boundless energy, and need for naps, being somewhere in the middle of those two, agenda-wise, tends to work best for us. Also, it’s super helpful to have your list organized by area so that you’re not wasting too much time getting from one part of a city to another and can really enjoy and maximize one or two areas at a time. For example, my amazing assistant, Casey, had the brilliant idea to compile your suggestions for Paris and organize them into a spreadsheet by district and type of activity. Then she put them in a mini binder that I carried around for the whole trip (and now our whole staff has a version for their next trip to Paris). It was insanely helpful. We also used Yelp a lot while on the go a lot which can be great when you find yourself in an area that you might not have on your list.

Oh Joy | Traveling Abroad with a Toddler

02. Stay in an area where there’s lots to do within walking distance. This may seem obvious, but we learned the hard way in Paris, when we stayed in a district that was up-and-coming but didn’t have a ton to do within the immediate vicinity. We ended up taking trips out of the area everyday that took just a tad too long and gave us too little time to enjoy our destination before rushing back for Ruby’s nap. We wish we’d we stayed in a slightly busier neighborhood (even if a tad more touristy) because it would have been more central and easier to get to other areas of the city.

Oh Joy | Traveling Abroad with a Toddler

03. Let your little one nap in a stroller when possible. Ruby is a wonderful sleeper in her crib, but not on the go, so we don’t have the luxury of getting to do this too much. But if you’re lucky enough to have a toddler who can nap anywhere and in any position for a juicy long nap, then napping on the go is the way to do it when traveling. That way you can explore more of a city while your little one naps, and you don’t have to go back to your hotel or apartment mid-day (like we do).

Oh Joy | Traveling Abroad with a Toddler

04. Pack light. Since I already did a post on packing for a family trip, I won’t repeat that information here, but want to reiterate that the most important part is bringing only your essentials, washing clothes while away so you can bring less, and buying disposable items (like diapers) at your final destination whenever possible.

Oh Joy | Traveling Abroad with a Toddler

05. Then there’s flying (the part we all dread the most with kids)…I’ll break this down into three parts.

A. Buy a seat on the plane for long trips. Unless you have one of those magical toddlers who can fall asleep anywhere and in any position, in our case, having Ruby’s own seat made all of our experiences more tolerable. Even though she was still under two for our flight to France, which meant we didn’t have to pay for her seat, we know our kid and know that she does way better on a plane when she has her own space to play and sleep in. So we got her a seat for the 11 hour flight (even though we had never bought her a seat on previous trips). It was so well worth it, as she slept better and played better, and it made the long trip more bearable for all of us.

B. Consider your flying times. Prior to our France trip, we’d always flown during the day and tried to pick times based on Ruby’s nap schedule. However, sometimes you don’t have a lot of options, and we had no choice when it came to flying to Paris, which has one direct flight out of L.A. per day. Everyone differs on the topic of doing a day flight vs. a red eye with small children, but we got to experience both during our flight to Paris. And to our surprise, Ruby actually did much better on the red eye than on the day flight. When it came to her actual bedtime on the plane, we went through our normal routine (minus the bath) of reading her a book and tucking her into her sleep sack. It took her a little longer to fall asleep than usual thanks to all the distractions on the plane, but once she fell asleep, she slept for six hours and woke up only because the plane was landing and all the lights came on. For the daytime flight back, we assumed she’d take her normal nap on the plane, but nope! She was too distracted from all the movement and bright light that she just couldn’t nap and ended up being awake for over 13 hours before finally crashing in my arms as the plane landed.

C. Bring toys and games. I know some moms who are really good about bringing a ton of activities when traveling. One great trick is to wrap up little toys and games your kids have never seen before in tissue paper and unwrap one every hour of the plane ride. I love that idea. While I’ve never brought quite that many items, I usually bring a handful of little toys, crayons, a coloring book, stickers, lots of snacks, and the thing that saves us most of the time: An iPad (in a durable case) filled with educational games and shows.

Oh Joy | Traveling Abroad with a Toddler

06. Potty training. If you’re crazy enough to be in the middle of potty training, like we were when we went to France and Mexico, bring those training tools with you. We brought a foldable travel potty (which is always in my diaper bag these days anyway), a stamps/stickers for rewards, and Ruby’s pull-up diapers with us. We knew we might have some setbacks, but we found that for the most part, Ruby kept up with her training and if anything, it actually made her more adaptable having to go on the potty in various locations other than home.

Oh Joy | Traveling Abroad with a Toddler

07. Sleep schedule, naps, and jet lag. Adjusting to jet lag with a toddler is pretty similar to jet lag with adults, except toddlers don’t understand what time zones are and why they feel so loopy and tired. So the quicker you get into the new time zone and stick to your usual schedule there, the quicker everyone will adapt. And do your best not to let your little one fall asleep early or take extra naps, because it will take him or her longer to adjust. For example, when we landed in Paris, Ruby had only gotten six hours of nighttime sleep on the plane, and it felt like 2 a.m. our time. But it was midday in Paris so we made sure she got a quick nap (but not so long that it would end too close to her 7:30 p.m. bedtime, Paris time). It will take a couple days to adjust, and you’ll deal with a slightly grumpy toddler for a few days, but once everyone is back on track, you’ll all enjoy your faraway vacation much better.

Oh Joy | Traveling Abroad with a Toddler

08. Eating. The great thing about traveling with a toddler is that by this age, you’re usually not dealing with bottles and baby food, so you’ll have very few “special” foods to carry around. These days, when traveling, I pretty much bring the same items I carry when we’re going out to dinner with Ruby back at home—a sippy/drinking cup, utensils, a bib, and snacks. We try to use a high chair at restaurants whenever possible so that we don’t have to bring our own, but if a city (like Paris) is known for not having highchairs, then we bring our Inglesina chair to make her eating experience and our dining experience more comfortable for everyone.

Oh Joy | Traveling Abroad with a Toddler

09. Activities. Ruby spends the majority of her days in L.A. outside, playing and exploring, so we made it a priority to have at least one activity per day that was just for her so she could get out all her energy and play. In Paris, there were playgrounds everywhere, so it was easy to give Ruby a play break in between all our other adventures. It can be harder to find play areas in some cities based on the time of year, so we also like finding museums, indoor gyms, or other kid-based spaces that are free or inexpensive where we can spend an hour or two on any given day.

Oh Joy | Traveling Abroad with a Toddler

10. Just Do It. So many people tell me they’ve avoided traveling on planes or going far distances because they worry about how their little one will react or how hard it will be for them as parents. But I say you just have to live your life and do the things that you think will be enriching and fun for your family because the not fun stuff (like meltdowns on the plane and jet lag) are such a small part of an overall wonderful experience. Sure, you can’t have the same type of vacation you would if you were traveling with friends or with just your partner, but you can still have an amazing time and make wonderful memories you can look back on together when your little one is older and gets easier and easier to travel with.

If you have any other tips, I’d love to hear! Happy travels!

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