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August 2nd, 2012

Cool Mom Picks Stroller The 2012 Flite of the Bumbleride

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We love Bumbleride strollers and gear. We’ve featured their stuff quite a bit because it is consistently fresh looking with updated features, colors and the kinds of accessories that actually get used. Plus their customer service is just–well, nice!

Back in 2010, we reviewed the Bumbleride Flite, and were really impressed with what we saw. Now, the 2012 model takes a great thing and makes it even better.

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Bumbleride has updated their wheel system which means that the stroller really glides and will make maneuvering in crowds a little easier. I wish that it came with a bullhorn, but I get the limitations with that feature. 

That’s not the only change. The sun canopy is SPF 45, which I find so rad. There are also two fabric options including Movement, which is great for active moms and dads on the go. The fabric is water- resistant and adorably sporty. The exterior is made of recyclable material and the interior is a bamboo blend which keeps your baby cool, wicks away moisture, and is antimicrobial to boot. 

As far as accessories, I really like the Flite travel bag, which makes our job as parents just a little bit easier. Plus there is an optional parent pack with a place to put drinks. That’s water bottles, not mojitos. Although the stroller does make me feel like celebrating, just a little bit. –Eva

Purchase your fabulous Aqua Flite at Bumbleride.

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