Dusting off your stroller for summer?

July 19th, 2013


These simple tips can help keep your strolling experience fun and safe:

No matter what your stroller brand, always check for safety recalls. If you have an Indie or Indie Twin stroller manufactured from 2009 – 2011, be sure to contact us for your free retrofit kit. For more information: http://www.support.bumbleride.com/strollers/recall.php

 Before each use, always make sure your stroller is ready to go:

  • Safety buckles are working properly and straps have been adjusted to fit your baby. As your baby grows, straps will need to be lengthened.
  • Wheels are turning smoothly and are properly locked into their axles or front forks. Review your user instructions or feel free to contact us for product specific tips.
  • Dirt and grime can get into moving parts. Be sure to wipe away any sand or dust. This will help to protect your stroller.
  • Regularly check for loose rivets, loose screws and / or any broken parts. If you are not sure, give us a call or email a picture from your smart phone.
  • Squeaky stroller? After cleaning off any affected area, apply a silicon-based lubricant for better operation.
  • Fabric moldy after a winter in the garage? The removable fabric can be machine washed using cold water. Canopies can be spot washed.
  • Questions? That’s what we’re here for! Give us a call or an email at 1 800 530 3930 or info@bumbleride.com . Our San Diego based customer care team is awesome!

6 Responses to “Dusting off your stroller for summer?”

  1. Mary Ann Boucher Says:

    LOVE our BUMBLERIDE strollers..Gave my daughter JAVA INDIE for a baby shower gift….she LOVES it….I have a RED FLYER for my house…LOVE IT….and we just purchased the SEAGRASS DOUBLE INDIE for the new baby arriving in September…THIS is definitely a BUMBLERIDE FAMILY!!!!!!

  2. Whitney Says:

    Great tips that you have provided. I wondered if when washing the fabric if you could use some vinegar with it to help remove the musty smell? Or even maybe some baking soda? And then once dry spritz it with Febreeze?

  3. Hanna Says:

    Thanks for the tips! I was just in tonight making an order for a Lotus Blue Indie Twin and asked about washing instructions. He showed me the handwash sign on the backrest. So I thought I cannot machine wash it.
    But here I now read that I actually CAN let the machine handle the washing.. Is that right??!!

  4. info Says:

    Hi Hanna! Yes, machine wash is ok, just make sure to line or air dry. :)

  5. Breann Harris Says:

    Great tips, love Bumbleride!!

  6. Lina Says:

    I just bought a second hand 2010, didnt realize there was a recall, now im very concerned to use it. Can I still get the recall kit without warranty?

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