Hither & Thither – Visiting DisneyWorld (With A Toddler)

July 14th, 2014

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hither n thither visiting disneyworld with a toddler

Hither & Thither – Visiting DisneyWorld (With A Toddler)

Hither & Thither recently returned from a trip to DisneyWorld in Orlando,FL with two kids under three. Here are some of their tips, photos and highlights:

  • My general feeling, with kids this young, is that you’re best off when you’ve planned just enough to keep everyone from standing around staring at a map when they’re hungry or tired, but not so much that you’re not willing to let it all go and just follow their lead.
  • I actually think the FastPass program can be a plus/minus at the toddler age. Obviously, you don’t want to spend time waiting in line with a two-year-old (HUGE plus); but they also add the element of schedule to your day (potential minus). (First off, there’s a relatively new system called FastPass+. I won’t go into detail, because others will do much better. But read all about it before you go and get the app on your phone once you get your park tickets.)
  • I thought it was surprisingly hard to find good stopping places for nursing comfortably.
  • Don’t bother too much about getting spots before a parade. Unless it’s essential to you to sit down or have front-row views, you can usually stroll up just before one begins and find somewhere from which to stand and give little ones a lift.
  • There are two Dumbos at DisneyWorld, and there’s an awesome playground inside the line where you can sit down, cool off, nurse the baby, and whatnot while they climb inside a mock circus tent. They give you these little restaurant-style buzzers to let you know when to rejoin the line.
  • Which brings me to: bring a comfortable stroller. You can rent strollers, but the double options at DisneyWorld looked pretty hard to nap in. We were lucky that Bumbleride sent us this awesome double stroller (the Indie Twin) for the trip. Though we rarely use a stroller with Hudson at home, we found he grew tired of walking within minutes of arriving. We were so glad we had a comfortable spot for both kids—especially when they both slept in it!
  • There’s stroller parking everywhere (check this out) and we never felt worried about someone stealing ours. (That said, it was helpful to have valuables in a single bag we could grab when parking it.) The only place where the double felt too tight was the tram—where you have to fold it up to ride in a narrow bench. Most days, one person (often my dad) would walk to the gates with the stroller while I rode the tram with the kids. On a couple of occasions, at the Magic Kingdom, he actually dropped us at the monorail stop and then parked—meeting us later.
  • I really loved the Animal Park. We started a day there with a safari in their version of Kilimanjaro—it was a little like the Jungle Book Ride comes to life—and I thought the vistas across the large animal enclosures were pretty awesome. (By the way, if you’re planning on going without a FastPass, this is a good one to get to early.)
  • We learned that ample snacks, partially frozen water bottles, and frequent visits to the Casey Jr. splash zone made all the difference.
  • There are plenty of reasons to wait until your kids are older—and asking—to go to DisneyWorld. And I think we were probably a bit overly ambitious to use the five-day-pass with these two (three days would have been ample). But there was an innocence to Hudson’s reactions that I’ve really enjoyed. It can indeed feel a bit magical—with the right expectations.

Read the whole post here, http://www.hitherandthither.net/2014/06/visiting-disneyworld-toddler.html.

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