Mommy Loves Coffee – Be still, my heart. The 2013 Bumbleride features, changes, and a brand new stroller.

November 5th, 2012

2013 bumbleride preview mommy loves coffee

One of my stops at ABC Kids was a hometown favorite of mine, Bumbleride. I always have a blast with the Bumbleride crew and that day was no exception. While visiting their booth, I got a chance to see the new colors and features for 2013 and get a sneak peak at the brand new Bumbleride Era stroller – coming mid-2013. It’s so new that I was only able to see a digital picture of the stroller and a list of its features. And I liked what I saw…

Let’s start with the new features and colors for 2013.

The Bumbleride colors are becoming more vibrant and bold, but still represent what Bumbleride is known and loved for – color mixed with comfort, eco-conscious materials, functionality and practicality. New fabric types and colors will be featured on the entire 2013 collection, beginning with the Indie in January.


  • Papyrus – a vibrant green with a soothing blue seat.
  • Cayenne – a two-toned spicy red.
  • Lotus Pink – a dark teal with a splash of pink.
  • Lotus Blue – a dark teal with a splash of blue.
  • (Lotus is available with a bright blue or pink canopy (packaged separately) and will be available through specialty retailers only.


  • 50 percent of the exterior fabric is made using recycled PET (plastic bottles).
  • 50 percent of the interior fabric is made using bamboo charcoal.


  • The new harness features a 5-point breakaway system that prevents entanglement and will be added to all models for 2013.
  • The Toddler Board accessory attaches with a clamp system and adapts to the Indie and Indie Twin models.



  • The slightly redesigned frame makes it more suitable for joggings due to the frame’s front footwell, which places weight further back on the stroller.
  • New easy to adjust footrest for infants (with buttons on the outside).
  • Deeper footwell for larger toddlers.
  • Comes standard with a foldable bumper bar and universal car seat adapter.
  • New fabrics and colors.
  • New 5-point break-away harness.


  • Comes standard with foldable bumper bars and universal car seat adapter.
  • New fabrics and colors.
  • New 5-point break-away harness.


  • New fabrics and colors.
  • New 5-point break-away harness.


As soon as I have pictures, I will share, but for now… let these details (and my word that it’s going to be awesome) hold you over.


The Bumbleride Era uses a unique slide and lock system to attach its seating components to its chassis. This new system provides the most lateral support possible, minimizing the seat’s movement on the frame. This results in a more durable system that will function better and last longer.

The Bumbleride Era chassis is designed to accommodate a variety of seating options specifically formed to fit your little one throughout all stages of his early development. The system’s options consist of a lightweight aluminum chassis, infant car seat adapter, bassinet, modular/reversible seat as well as a lightweight soft seat designed specifically for larger toddlers. The new optional Toddler Board attaches to Era to provide a ride along feature for growing families.

The Bumbleride Era will be available in 6 bold color options. Each fabric option utilizes 50% recycled polyester exterior fabric and 50% bamboo charcoal interior fabric. The interior fabrics that touch baby utilize bamboo charcoal’s unique features like moisture absorption, temperature regulation and prevention of bacterial growth.

The Bumbleride Era’s 10” rear and 8” front wheels are supported by durable suspensions that make city walking as smooth as possible.

The Bumbleride Era’s one-push breakaway harness is easy to adjust and separates into 5 components, helping to prevent your baby from becoming entangled.

 See Christina’s great pictures at

12 Responses to “Mommy Loves Coffee – Be still, my heart. The 2013 Bumbleride features, changes, and a brand new stroller.”

  1. Alicia Says:

    Could you explain the difference between the 2012 harness on the Indies and the 2013? Thanks!

  2. info Says:

    Hi Alicia! I would be glad to :) The new 2013 harness features a stronger push button release and features a new release system. Once the release button is pressed the belts split into three pieces and then have the option to split into 5 pieces with an extra tug of force. This type of harness is the new standard for Australia and is not standard in the US just yet. This new release system helps prevent the a child’s arms or other limbs from becoming entangled in the harness making removal even easier. If you choose not to release all 5 belts, it’s also faster to clasp the harness together again, thus saving you precious time. -Ryan

  3. Kristen Says:

    When will the 2013 model be released?

  4. Stacy Lukas Says:

    Hi Alicia! When will the 2013 Flite be released?

  5. Greg Says:

    Is there an estimated release date for 2013?

  6. Ann Says:

    When is the 2013 Indie twin expected to go on sale. I would like to hold out for the 2013, if possible. Thanks.

  7. Ann Says:

    Also, I just watched a video on updates for the indie single and indie twin and the video makes it seem like the only updates for the twin was the bumper bar and included car seat adaptor but didn’t mention the deeper foot wells or improved jogging frame like you have with the new indie single. Do the frame changes apply to the twin as well?

  8. info Says:

    Thank for your comments, questions and interest! The 2013 collection will be shipping in February. Flite will be shipping closer to March. Pre-ordering will be announced via our newsletter in a few weeks,

  9. info Says:

    Hi Stacy!

    2013 Flite will be released Feb.15th and shipping in March. Sign up here for the first release announcement, .

    Thank you for your interest!


  10. Ursula Says:

    I saw on the review that the carry coat is compatible with the flite 2013 but don’t see it on the actual bumbleride website, is this correct or wrong information? Also I see that it comes with universal adapter bar (car seat?), can you also use the cybex/maxi-cosi adapter with the flite?!? Thanks!!!

  11. info Says:

    Hi Ursula! Flite is not compatible with current 2012/2013 Carrycots as they are model specific to Indie and Indie Twin. We recommend searching for a 2009/2010 Carrycot which is compatible with Flite. These are hard to find. Flite is infant safe for newborns on the lowest recline setting and is car seat compatible. Flite is not compatible with the Cybex/Maci Cosi Adapters or infant seats, only Indie and Indie Twin. -Ryan

  12. MirandaSmith Says:

    I am looking everywhere for that same toddler board with no luck!.. Do you know what brand that is?

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