New books on our coffee table…

February 9th, 2011


Life with kids can mean little time for personal reading, but some of the latest editions in our house are “Parenting From the Inside Out,” “Animals – A Visual Encyclopedia” and “All The World”.

“Parenting from the Inside Out” – “This book uniquely pairs the clinical experience of a psychiatrist with the deep wisdom of a nursery school teacher. Together Siegel and Hartzell delicately peel back the many layers of parenting to reveal the pure nature of the relationship
at its core.”- Neal Halfon, M.D.

“Animals – A Visual Encyclopedia” – Our children, ages ranging from one year old to seven, all love this great encyclopedia filled with great photos and facts about animals.

“All The World” – A sweet bedtime story that touches on the simple things in life. We love the illustrations.

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