Guest Blog Post Series – Our First Family Daytrip – Michael Underwood and Angellica Bell – United Kingdom

November 11th, 2013


Michael Underwood and Angellica Bell Guest Blog Post Indie Twin Best Double Stroller

Our daughter arrived three days early which was great; not because it meant we didn’t have to suffer the frustration of our second child being late, but because it meant I finally got to use the double buggy properly. Up until then, I’d been using it to push my son around, much to the dismay of my wife, who couldn’t understand why I didn’t just use the single buggy. Clearly she didn’t understand the importance of a thorough road test and it looks better than the single buggy.

There’s no doubt, the last four years have been ridiculously busy. Angellica and I got engaged, married and had two children all in that short time. So now it’s time to slow things down a bit and start enjoying life as a new family.  Two children is definitely the perfect number, at least that’s what we’re thinking now.  If we were to have another child, we’d be outnumbered and there are only so many nappies you change at any one time and besides, I don’t think Bumbleride do an Indie Triple…yet!

The summer was quickly coming to an end and I was desperate to have our first family daytrip. In the end I decided a journey to the beach would be ideal and although our daughter was too young to appreciate it, I knew my son would love playing by the sea. I packed the Indie Twin into the boot and we headed off to the seaside. When we arrived we parked up and began unpacking the several hundred bags that seem to accompany us whenever we leave the house. This was when I realised things might not end up going to plan. It was really windy; in fact it was pretty much blowing a gale. As soon as my son got out of the car he was blown off his feet, eyes streaming and nose running. This wasn’t the idyllic family day out I’d planned in my mind! He tried his best, but in the end we had to strap him into the Indie Twin to stop him from blowing away. His sister was fast asleep next to him in her cosy carry cot protected from the elements and totally unaware of the fiasco taking place. We weren’t going to be beaten though and continued towards the beach.  Again, something I hadn’t prepared for was pushing a buggy through sand. It could have been a real nightmare, but thankfully the inflatable tyres on the buggy meant it was easy to control, like a four wheel drive off roader, rather than an elephant plodding through treacle.

My wife is so good at planning and preparation, especially now we have two young children, I always feel like I’m getting in the way. I guess it’s all about knowing when to offer to help and when to just let her get on with things. I clearly need to make sure I check the weather report next time I plan a family day trip. We did have the most amazing fish and chips though, so the trip wasn’t a total waste!

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