Outnumbered 3 to 1 – Bumbleride Indie Review

September 11th, 2013

Outnumbered 3 to 1 Bumbleride indie all terrain jogging stroller review



I am very excited to share this stroller review with you. Over the last 5 years I have bought and used several strollers from the cheap umbrella ones to the expensive high end ones and I was never fully satisfied with any of them. There are so many factors in deciding on a stroller that it can be overwhelming when you go to buy one for the first time. I feel like after spending a fortune on cheap ones and mediocre ones and even a high end expensive one that I can truthfully say that I wish I had just bought the Indie stroller to begin with.

It arrived in a box much smaller than I thought it would. I was expecting a massive package but it was smaller than my 4 year old. It did not have too many pieces to put together. I will admit that my husband was the one to put it together but he said it took 15 minutes to put together at the very most. He is one of those Dads that follows the directions thoroughly too and he said the directions were easy to follow.

All put together and one gorgeous looking stroller to look at. The fabric seems high quality and long lasting and the whole thing still feels lightweight. This is a picture of it assembled with the bumper bar. It comes with a universal car seat adapter but my youngest is way out of the bucket seat stage.

Not gonna lie this Mama needs that cup holder!!! How else would I tote around my beloved iced coffees in the afternoon! 

Here is a picture of it all folded up. Not the smallest fold for a stroller I have ever seen but still plenty small to fit into a trunk of a car.

It has three wheels so I would call it a jogging stroller although you don’t need to be a jogger to use it. The three wheel design just makes it incredibly easy to maneuver. This is a go anywhere kind of stroller! For a majority of the time I set the front wheel to swirl and turn for easy pushing. When I want the front wheel to be stationary for jogging then all you have to do is turn the pin on the front wheel.

I am a jogger that while pushing a stroller I normally go at about a 12 minute mile. I had no problem pushing this stroller and it did not feel like a 22 pound toddler was in the buggy. The front wheel stayed stationary and Lil Sis sat back and enjoyed the ride. 

To gauge the size of the stroller here is a picture of my 22 month old and my almost 5 year old sitting in it. It is a perfect fit for Lil Sis and will work for her for a long time. If Big Sis got tired and wanted to ride she definitely could but she is at the high end height wise of using it. I had no problem pushing Big Sis in it off the main road and she is almost 42 pounds. It still turned and pushed so very easily!

If you are wondering if a tall person can use this stroller comfortably I can tell you that my husband at 6’9″ uses this stroller with no problem. He does not have to lean over to use it and we can not say that about most strollers! The push bar lowers and raises to the height you want.

  • Car Seat Adapter
  • Carrycot
  • Snack Pack and
  • Footmuff & Liner 

I plan on purchasing the snack pack for it soon. I went to my local baby boutique to get it and they were all sold out of the color I needed to match my stroller. I love the looks of it. For younger babies you can buy the carrycot so even a newborn can stroll in comfort.

My favorite thing about the Bumbleride Indie is that it is just so easy to push. We have maneuvered this stroller through theme parks, science centers, my neighborhood and walking trails. It turns so easily and feels so light to move. It really does go everywhere and is perfect for a family on the move. I also am in love with the color I received but they also offer several more colors over on their website that are great neutral colors for boys or girls. I know when I am using this stroller that I am using a quality brand because it feels like high quality. Maybe one day in the future I will have a reason to buy an indie twin so that I can push a new baby around with Lil Sis!

 Complete review at: http://www.outnumbered3-1.com/2013/08/bumbleride-indie-stroller-review.html

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    I’m curious, if you had to pick one picture that best shows what color your aquamarine was in person which would you choose? I love both the aquamarine and the green papyrus, but all the pictures I have looked has the colors varying slightly. I have no clue what color they actually look like.

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