Trekaroo- Kids.Trips.Tips- Reviews our travel ready Flite and offers a lucky reader the ride of their life

August 26th, 2011


When families with young children travel, a good stroller becomes a crucial part of the entire experience. I have had the not so enjoyable experience of trying to drag a heavy, beat-up, and beaten down stroller through airport security and it made for a very stressful experience. I am often amazed at just how far stroller technology has come in the last few years. Recently, Trekaroo had the opportunity to test out the Bumbleride 2011 Flite stroller. We decided Heather Reed, Trekaroo’s Texas Destination Guroo, would be the perfect person to take on the job. With a 13 month old and an on-the-go lifestyle, we knew she would be able to give this stroller a run for its money. Here is what she had to say about the Bumbleride Flite:

When I unpacked Bumbleride’s 2011 Flite, I almost thought they had given me the wrong stroller. “No way can a sturdy, single stroller be this light!” I thought to myself as I tugged on the wrapping revealing the warm grey fabric with bright persimmon lining. The stroller came with it’s wheels disassembled, but easily snapped right on. I took a few moments to familiarize myself with it, trying to savor its newness before my burly gang of 4 got a hold of it and tested it themselves. And test it they did. My 5 year old spun it’s wheels, my 7 year old tested it’s maneuverability while racing around the house, my 3 year old dropped grape jelly on it’s water-resistant sport’s fabric (it wiped right off), and my 13 month old climbed in (with help), laid back against the reclined seat and drifted in and out of sleep. All this and we hadn’t even left the house yet! Luckily for us, taking the stroller out of the house was just as wonderful. We went on a mommy and daughter date in town for shopping and dining. The stroller’s wheel suspension gave my daughter a smooth ride over gravel and grassy terrain through the park and the large sun canopy kept the sun’s scorching rays off her little face. There are so many fun features that offer comfort, like the well-padded seat and adjustable footrests- I almost wish I could have climbed in myself!

Heather’s Favorite Features:

  • SPF 45 Sun Canopy Reclining Backrest
  • Adjustable Footrest Water-Resistant Fabric
  • Cushioned Seat with 5-Point Harness
  • Cup Holder
  • Car Seat Adapter Bar
  • Folds Up Flat Like An Umbrella Stroller
  • Front & Rear Wheel Suspension
  • Storage Basket Underneath
  • Easy To Maneuver Lightweight & Has A Carrying Handle
  • Extra Options Like A Rain Canopy & Snack Pack (To Name A Few)

Ways They Could Improve:

  • Users Have To Remove The Car Seat Adapter To Fold It
  • Storage Basket Is On The Smaller Side
  • Cup Holder Tips Easily (They Have A Parent Pack Coming Out Soon That Will Solve This- Yay)!

And since Trekaroo is all about travel with kids, Heather is happy to report that the Flite is great for road trips, public transit, and air travel since it only weighs 13 pounds and folds compactly! If this sounds like the ideal stroller for you, then check out our steal below!

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