Using the Multi-use Bars Correctly

February 1st, 2012

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Multi-use Bars

It has come to our attention that there is a possibility for multi-use bars included with Indie & Indie Twin models (I-110, I-205, IT-111 and IT-305) to be used incorrectly, resulting in a potential strangulation hazard. The multi-use bar has three positions: 1. Upright (to be used with a toddler), 2. Mid (to only be used when installing an infant car seat) and 3. Folded.

Even though Bumbleride’s packaging instructions, as well as labeling on the multi-use bar, clearly explain correct and incorrect use, we are finding that some consumers are still using these multi-use bars inappropriately.

Because safety is of the utmost concern to Bumbleride, we are releasing this clear warning in conjunction with the CPSC on how the multi-use bars are to be correctly used.

The multi-use bars were included as accessories on these models and are not needed for the safety of your child. They can also be removed if desired. Please always ensure that your child is secure using the 5-point harness in the seat.

7 Responses to “Using the Multi-use Bars Correctly”

  1. Holly Says:

    Is it true that the multi-use bar is being removed from the strollers currently on the market? I recently placed an order for a new Indie but really need the infant seat compatibility. If so, any idea when the new car seat adapters will be available?

  2. info Says:

    Hi Holly! The 2012 Indie and Indie Twins no longer come standard with a Multi-Use bar (bumper or infant adapter) due to the above mis-use concern. The Multi-use bar is now two separate accessories for purchase and will be available later this month. Please stay tuned on our website or social channels for the release announcement. Please note you can also use your Bumbleride on the lowest seat recline setting with infants and newborns. We apologize for any confusion and for not having these accessories yet available for order. We appreciate your patience and thank you for your interest in Indie! -Ryan

  3. Gene Says:

    Is the Multi-Use bar available yet? We are thinking about purchasing the 2012 Indie Twin but only see the car seat adapter available at this point. Can the Multi-Use bar be used to accomedate Chico Ketfit30?

  4. Linda Says:

    How can I identify which model of Bumbleride Indie we have? I purchased in 2011, but dont know if it was a 2012 model or not.

  5. info Says:

    Hi Linda! There is a white sticker on the side of the seat frame which says the Date of Manufacture and model number. The 2012 SKU/model number is I-412. In 2011, the stroller came with a multi-use bar. For 2012 no adapters or bumper bars were included. Hope this info helps! -Ryan

  6. Debbie Says:


    I just purchased an Indie without a bumper or infant adapter. Would the Indie Universal Car Seat Adapter on the market work for it?

  7. Bumbleride Says:

    Hi Debbie! Which model year Indie did you purchase? The current Universal Car Seat Adapter works with Indie models 2010 or newer. Make sure not to use the Universal Car Seat Adapter as a Bumper Bar as it can pose a safety concern if a child is not harnessed in. You can order a compatible Bumper Bar and Universal Adapter from our Customer Care at 1 800 530 3930 or The adapter is available online here, but not the Bumper Bar at this time. Thank you for your comment and we hope to hear from you! -Bumbleride Support

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