Weekly Winter Giveaway – {Update: Giveaway has ended} Mini Board and Diaper Bag Giveaway!

December 2nd, 2013


Enter to win our new Mini Board and Diaper Bag! At the end of each week in December we will be announcing a winner to receive a FREE Mini Board and Diaper Bag! Comments are moderated, please allow up to 24 hours for your comment to appear. Click to learn more about our Mini Board  and Diaper Bag!

Hear what Baby Gizmo and My Baby Stuff thought of our Diaper Bags below!


Baby Gizmo

Full review here, http://blog.babygizmo.com/2013/11/bumbleride-introduces-new-diaper-bag-collection-video/.

My Baby Stuff

 {What I love about the new Bumbleride Diaper Bags}

  • Perfect size – 14″W x 11″H x 4.5″D (folded flap)
  • Lots of pockets (9 in all) including two bottle holders
  • It comes with a great cushioned change pad
  • It has magnetic closure (do you really want to wake up your baby with the terrible velcro noise?)
  • It’s made with durable eco-conscious fabric featuring recycled plastic (PET) and bamboo charcoal fiber (hello!)
  • It comes with stroller straps that fit onto my strollers
  • It also has a shoulder strap to make the bag messenger style
  • It is a well made, quality product

Full review and another Diaper Bag giveaway here, http://www.mybabystuff.ca/2013/11/organized-on-the-go-with-new-bumbleride-diaper-bags-giveaway-mbsgg/.

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Week 1 winner Jon M.
Week 2 winner Lauren N.
Week 3 winner Lindsey L.
Week 4 winner Tesse R.

110 Responses to “Weekly Winter Giveaway – {Update: Giveaway has ended} Mini Board and Diaper Bag Giveaway!”

  1. Stesse Says:

    Would love to win – love our Bumbleride Indie!!!

  2. Catriona Says:

    Jet black all the way!

  3. natalie Says:

    I would love grey! and I would use the mini board to go to disney with my kids!

  4. Stesse Says:

    Forgot to say that we’d pick the black bag to match…

  5. Laura Nobles Says:

    any color would be amazing, thanks!!

  6. Melissa Says:

    I am so excited about the new mini board!

  7. Meg Says:

    I’d take whatever color you have (though my oldest would say “green, green, green”), and the board would go wherever he wants to go :)

  8. Melissa Says:

    I would like the diaper bag in the lotus blue color and I would take my mini board to the mall with my indie twin and my three children!

  9. Alison S Says:

    Love the green bag and I would take the board to the mall or really anywhere since my 3 year old loves to ride on them.

  10. Nora Says:

    Any diaper bag and I’d go to my family’s house

  11. Nicole Goff Says:

    Yeay! We like the Fog Grey! we LOVE our bumbleride and my daughter would absolutely love the mini board since she is almost growing out of riding in the stroller 😉 Would take the mini board to Disneyland!! Great company, Bumbleride for life!

  12. Brett Quinton Says:

    I would love the red bag, and my daughter would love riding on the board around town!

  13. Leah Says:

    Any color… Would take mini board on my twin indie on nature walks with daughter

  14. Gulsel okur Says:

    Would live to have this one.. It is so useful…

  15. lisa mcfarland Says:

    I like the lotus blue and would take the miniboard to the zoo

  16. Julie Says:

    Fog Gray. Would make a great dad bag!

  17. Kourtney Says:

    We take our Indie Twin EVERYWHERE! If we were to win, it’s first outing would probably be to the Mall of America. It would be perfect for my 3 year old! He could sit when he wants to or just catch a ride when he wants to be on the go but his little legs get tired!

  18. Nicole Werther Says:

    With a new baby on the way and a preschooler who’s getting too big to ride in our Indie, we would be thrilled to win a Mini Board and new diaper bag!!!

  19. Erica dimartino Says:

    Would love a mini board and diaper bag for my 2 kiddos on my Indie Ruby! Love your products!

  20. Nicole Werther Says:

    Oh! We’d love the aquamarine, black, or grey bag and would take the Mini Board all over town – to the park, to the grocery store, to friends’ houses, you name it!

  21. Charlie Says:

    I live my bumbleride indie and this would make it awesome!

  22. Catherine Tentler Says:

    I would love the jet black diaper bag and would use the mini board on the way to and from my daughters school every day!!

  23. Melissa Cleaveland Says:

    I’d love an aquamarine diaper bag!”

  24. Melissa Cleaveland Says:

    Oh, and I would love to walk the trail in our city park twith the mini board!

  25. Ani W Says:

    I like the Fog grey diaper bag. And the Mini board would go everywhere with us.. My toddler would just love it at the mall and at the zoo!!

  26. Megan Arce Says:

    Lotus pink to match my Indie and mini board to Disneyland, zoo, aquarium, mall, EVERYWHERE!

  27. Joliane Says:

    The aquamarine diaper bag would be a nice match to my lovely Indie! The mini board would go anywhere from the local park to the next annual trip to Europe.

  28. Katy Says:

    we have the indie in the blue and green so the matching bag would be awesome. the mini board would be an awesome accessory for both our stroller and our zoo membership

  29. Rebecca Jackson Says:

    I would love a cayenne red diaper bag and I would use the mini board everyday because I have the indie twin and have a third child on the way!

  30. Sarah Zurn Says:

    I would love Jet black. I’d take the mini board everywhere. It the mall, Disneyland, on walks…. it’d get a ton of use!!

  31. raizel g Says:

    would love the diaper bag!

  32. Cassandra Eastman Says:

    I would choose the Fog diaper bag if I won to match our Indie! And we’d take the mini board with us to the mall, zoo, & on walks for when my 4 year olds legs get tired!

  33. Ella Kitroser Says:

    Would love to win the Jet Black bag and Mini Board. I would use the board to take my 2.5 year old and 1 year old twins all together for a long walk and ice cream

  34. Jes empfield Says:

    We have the aqua color. It’s great since I do a lot of road running. We are easily seen!

  35. Ashley Says:

    Love the diaper bag in Jet Black…hides dirt! The mini board would come with us everywhere from our daily strolls to and from pre-school to outings like the zoo and the various festivals throughout the year here in New Orleans

  36. Masooma Says:

    Love the Fog Grey color!

  37. Katie S Says:

    I love the diaper bag in Jet Black or Green Papyrus! I would use the Mini Board on walks to the park, to the mall, the zoo, walking to the library and to preschool! We only have one car so during the day my boys and I have to walk everywhere!

  38. Alice M Says:

    Oh! How lovely would a Lotus blue bag be with my Indie twin in the same color! Love it!

  39. branko bakic Says:

    Board awsome

  40. Caroline Marchanf Says:

    I would choose the green papyrus, or whichever bag matches best with my Seagrass indie. We would take the mini board everywhere!! :)

  41. Cecilia Says:

    Would love to win!!!

  42. Jilian Sakall Says:

    I would love to win this!!! Our Jet black Indie is the best stroller ever and with #2 coming in July a new Jet Black diaper bag for #2 and mini board #1 are definitely in order for the Sakall kiddos!!!! So Excited!!

  43. Anastasia Says:

    Would love to win one to match my stroller :)

  44. Christina Says:

    I would love this. We want a board for my oldest!

  45. Marisa Says:

    I would love the Green Papyrus diaper bag! The mini board would be great for my 3 year old when I am using the Indie stroller for one of my 1 year old triplets!

  46. serena Says:

    Fog, please! And we’d take the mini board with us to the park.

  47. Amber Says:

    Green bag. Mini board to Seoul

  48. Amorette Says:

    Green papyrus for me, love that color! My son would love the board to tag along with his sister.

  49. Kate Says:

    We would love the fog grey colored diaper bag! And we will take the mini board everywhere but definitely on our annual family vacation!

  50. Suzanne Says:

    I’d choose the red and take it on walks in the neighborhood.

  51. Nike Marie Kirby Says:

    I love my bumbleride indie! I was so thrilled when I saw this could be option as opposed to buying a double stroller!!! The bad look awesome!

  52. Sarah Coover Says:

    Jet black diaper bag, no stains! The mini board for our long beach walks and the aquarium!

  53. Amber P Says:

    Black or grey would be great! The board would be going everywhere w us now that we have another little one on the way.

  54. Britni Bradford Says:

    I would love an aquamarine diaper bag to match our Flite.

  55. Susan Says:

    Love my indie and I am so happy you have the board for my older daughter to ride one. My indie is black….so a black bag

  56. Maggie Says:

    Love the mini board! And a diaper bag in jet would match my indie!

  57. Jessica Says:

    I would love the Jet Black bag. The mini board would perfect for our next trip to the zoo. Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. Kimberly Says:

    I would pick the Lotus Blue bag. I think the mini board would be perfect for trips to the zoo with our baby and toddler.

  59. Lindsey Says:

    Grey bag! We would take to board so many places! Walks to the playground and around town!

  60. Laura Miller Says:

    I love the Fog Grey!

  61. Tannis W Says:

    We’d take the board to the park. I’d choose the aquamarine bag.

  62. Kess Says:

    Fog Grey all the way and the mini board would sure come in handy for our strolls around the Sea Wall here in Vancouver BC!

  63. Kate Says:

    Ruby or Aqua – those are the colors of our two Indie & Flight!
    The mini board would go straight to see Santa :) And the zoo in the summer.

  64. Marina G Says:

    Love the Fog Grey since it goes with everything.

  65. Bumbleride has a Weekly Winter Giveaway! Enter Today! | Mom's Stroller Reviews Says:

    […] Comments are moderated, please allow up to 24 hours for your comment to appear. Click to learn more about our Mini Board  and Diaper Bag! Click here to Enter! […]

  66. Rachel Says:

    I would love the jet black bag. I would take my twin daughters and 3year old daughter to Disneyland and use the mini board!!! In fact, I think I would use the mini board whenever the stroller is used. Such a great accessory!

  67. Abby Says:

    Mini board looks awesome! We love the black diaper bag!

  68. MLee Says:

    I have the indie twin fog for my girls. I love it and get so many compliments on it. We had a concern when we first purchased the stroller and customer service was excellent in taking care of the issue. I would love the fog colored diaper bag to match! Also we have been waiting patiently for the mini board to be released being that we are having another baby in April! This would be perfect for our 3 year old!

  69. Ryan Eastman Says:

    I would love the fog set! We would take the mini board with us to the zoo!

  70. Joy S Says:

    Love the Aquamarine color, would go perfect with my Indie in Ocean. My two year old would love to hop on the mini board when we go to the new park that’s being built near our house!

  71. Jeff Says:

    We’d go for the Aquamarine!

  72. Mariann Dalseth Says:

    Just got my Indie Twin today – happy! Would love the diaper bag also:)

  73. Cee Says:

    Jet black for the color, and I’d go to the science museum with the mini board!

  74. Jill R Says:

    I would love any color!

  75. Michelle Roof Says:

    The fog gray is wonderful. I’ll take the mini board to the mall! My 4 year old will certainly appreciate it. Mama loves her second home! :)

  76. Leah B Says:

    I love the grey with orange trim!

  77. Curtis Says:

    Black and to the zoo.

  78. Lori Says:

    Would love the lotus blue and I would take the mini board everywhere especially at Disneyland!

  79. Shterna Says:

    Would love the fog grey diaper bag

  80. Lauren Newsome Says:

    We would love the fog color and take it Disney!!

  81. Anna Says:

    A new diaper bag would be great for our twins!

  82. info Says:

    Congratulations Lauren! You have won a Mini Board and Diaper Bag in Fog! Check your email shortly for details.

  83. Siaw Vay Teng Says:

    any color. will bring it with my little ones to the park, the zoo etc

  84. Rebecca Says:

    Fog grey. I would take it to the mall and around the local parks!

  85. Sandra Says:

    I want the black or the green to go with my Flyer in seagrass!

  86. Jasmine Cruz-Bohren Says:

    Grey and orange we’d take it everywhere

  87. Cameron Says:

    LOVE this company, it priorities, products and amazing customer service!!

  88. Lisa Says:

    I like the diaper bag in Jet Black. We’d take the Mini Board everywhere!

  89. kou Says:

    Fog to match my indie. Mini board to mall.

  90. haze Says:

    my daughter would go weeeeeeee! on the miniboard everywhere. fog color bag gender neutral.

  91. SF Says:

    Looks cool.

  92. haze Says:

    fog bag to match my fog indie,and my daughter will have so much fun riding the board everywhere we go.

  93. Amanda Heil Says:

    I would love the jet black to match my black bumbleride. And I would love the board for days I go to Disneyland with my daughter. She can stand when she doesn’t want to sit and I don’t have to worry about her getting lost in the crowd.

  94. Rachel Says:

    Any color!! I’d use the board in Disney world or just going to the mall!

  95. Katy Says:

    would love to have the board for my 3yo!

  96. Samantha K Says:

    Black is a mom’s best friend, so definitely a black bag. And that mini board would be amazing for every single stroller errand! The store, parking lots, cruising around the neighborhood! Thank you for the opportunity!

  97. Andea Says:

    We stick all 3 of our children in the Indie Twin so a mini board would be perfect for my 5 year old!

  98. Andea Says:

    We have the Indie in sea grass by the way but would love any color!

  99. Alyssa Says:

    I’d love to win this in fog for my indie twin. We’d take the mini board for fun walks in the neighborhood with out kids and doggy.

  100. Leia Says:

    I would love the green bag. Definitely a color you don’t see every day!

  101. Helen Says:

    Green papyrus or the aquamarine would be wonderful!!

  102. Eddie Says:

    the blue diaper bag for Daddy’s girls and we need to go to Sesame Place!

  103. Margo B Says:

    Love the green papyrus!

  104. Anna S. Says:

    Love Bumbleride! So happy with my stroller,have recommended it all my mommy- and expecting friends!!

  105. Rochel S Says:

    i like the Green Papyrus diaper bag! And the mini board would be great for walks and for shopping days at the mall!

  106. Emily Says:

    We have both the indie and the indie twin and would love to try the mini board!

  107. Mitch Constantinescu Says:

    We love our Indie stroller and would like to win the board as we are expecting our second child.

  108. Aura Says:

    jet black matches everything and the least likely to get dirty

  109. Joanna R. Says:

    I like the Lotus Blue color, and it would go to the library and grocery shopping!

  110. Vivian Pham Says:

    I would love the diaper bag in any color and I would use the mini board to take my daughter to places like the park, zoo, and to my parents house :)

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