FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can I install two infant seats in the Bumbleride Indie Twin?

Yes! The Bumbleride Indie Twin can accommodate two Maxi Cosi Mico or Cybex Aton infant seats with purchase of separate upper and lower adapters featuring stadium style seating. Other compatible infant seats can only be used one at a time. You can purchase your Maxi Cosi/Cybex adapters here, http://www.bumbleride.com/stroller-accessories/indie-twin. For single infant seat use with the Maxi Cosi Mico, Maxi Cosi Prezi or Cybex Aton, we recommend purchasing the lower adapter.

2. Who can I contact if I need a replacement part for my Bumbleride?

Please feel free to visit http://www.bumbleride.com/replacement-parts (select your stroller for a list of parts) or contact our Customer Care from 8am-4pm PT via e-mail, info@bumbleride.com, or toll free, 1-800-530-3930.

3. Do Bumbleride products contain any fire retardants (FR)?

As of summer 2013, all Bumbleride products do not contain fire retardants in foam, fabric or padding, except in countries where required by law.

4. Is the Bumbleride Indie or Indie Twin a jogging stroller?

Yes, the Bumbleride Indie and Indie Twin are all-terrain strollers designed with specific features and capabilities that enable versatility, durability and multi-use functionality, including light jogging. It is important to note that the strollers’ front wheel(s) offer a swivel mode (for everyday use and enhanced maneuverability) as well as a locked mode. During brisk walks, light jogging, or on rough terrain, the front wheel must be in the locked position for added stability. We loosely define light jogging as a few miles per day at a pace that is faster than walking. We do not recommend the Indie or Indie Twin for long-distance or high-speed training runs. Due to the fact that the strollers are not outfitted with hand-brakes, we recommend parents use their best judgment to determine a safe, controlled pace, and choose flat, traffic-free settings for jogging. As all children grow at different rates, please confer with your pediatrician to ensure that stroller-jogging is safe for your child. Never jog or run with an infant seat attached.

5. What is the Bumbleride Warranty?

At Bumbleride, we stand behind our strollers and accessories 100%. If purchased from an authorized dealer, your Bumbleride is covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty for three years from the date of purchase. If you have any questions regarding the performance of your model, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to assist you!

Bumbleride currently utilizes 5 repair facilities in the US and two repair facilities in Canada. Please see below for their respective contact information. Please also note that every stroller being sent to a repair facility must be labeled with a Bumbleride RMA number. Please contact a Bumbleride representative before sending your stroller in to a repair facility to obtain an authorized RMA number.

California Bumbleride Repair Locations

Stroller Spa SF | 3566 Sacramento St. | San Francisco, California | 94118 | 415-662-8449| orders@strollerspa.com | www.strollerspa.com

New York Bumbleride Repair Locations

Stroller Spa NYC | 275 Degraw St | Brooklyn, New York | 11231 | 718.360.1475 | ordersNYC@strollerspa.com |  www.strollerspa.com

The Fixery | 80 Mott Avenue | Inwood, NewYork | 11096 | 1-800-234-9379 | info@thefixery.com | www.thefixery.com


Texas Bumbleride Repair Locations

Stroller Spa Austin| 1810 Pompton Dr | Austin, Texas | 78757 |512-779-5797 | lydia@strollerspa.com| www.strollerspa.com


Florida Bumbleride Repair Locations

The Stroller Doctor | 9334 SW 56th Street | Miami, Florida | 33165 | 305-274-9897 | info@strollerdoctor.com | http://www.strollerdoctor.com/

Canada Bumbleride Repair Locations

Macklems | 2223 Dundas St West | Toronto, Ontario Canada | M6R1X6 | 416-531-7188 | www.macklems.com

Tj’s The Kiddies Store | 88 Southwest Marine Drive | Vancouver, BC Canada | V5X 2R1 |604.324.2852 |  repairs@tjskids.com | www.tjskids.com


6. What do you recommend to clean and maintain my Bumbleride? Is the fabric on my Bumbleride washable?

To save time, electricity and water, we recommend BuggyLove’s Organic Stroller Cleaning Kits which we have tested with great success! You can find BuggyLOVE here, www.BuggyLOVE.com make sure to use promotional code “bumbleride” for 25% off!!.

All Bumbleride fabric is composed of a breathable nylon blend for long lasting, color-safe wear. The seat fabric is removable and machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent. For tough spots we recommend pre-treating with Oxiclean or another bleach alternative. Due to the canopy’s frame construction, we recommend that the canopy be spot cleaned. (Instructions for seat fabric removal below). Please note that all Bumbleride fabric should be air or line dried. Do not machine dry any Bumbleride fabric.

Seat Removal Instructions: To undo the backrest adjuster buckle/s, make sure child is out and away from stroller, undo the side snaps of the seat fabric near the adjuster belt. Once the strap and buckle is exposed, adjust the backrest flat to create slack in the belt. Next, turn the strap sideways within the small metal buckle and thread out of the small opening. To reattach, re-thread strap through backrest, through seat fabric tab, back around handle, and thread back through buckle (See this PDF for reference in reattaching fabric). For further assistance, please contact your local Bumbleride retailer or our customer care at 1-800-530-3930 or info@bumbleride.com.

7. How do I reattach my seat fabric?

Follow this PDF for help in reattaching your Indie or Indie Twin seat fabrics.

8. How do I attach the accessory cup holder to my Bumbleride?

When standing behind your Bumbleride, locate a small, dime sized knob extending from the right or left side of the handle bar. Your cup holder will have a circular cut-out that will lock onto this knob and swivel when needed.

9. Where is the serial number or Date of Manufacture on my Bumbleride?

The serial number and DOM of your Bumbleride is located on a white, rectangular sticker affixed to the frame. You will notice a series of numbers on this sticker. The serial number is the number that begins with “S”. The Date of Manufacture will also be located on this sticker.

10. I am interested in purchasing an additional inner tube for my Bumbleride. What size should I look for?

The Bumbleride Indie, Indie Twin, and Queen B all use 12″ air inflated tires. You may order them through http://www.bumbleride.com/replacement-parts, any authorized Bumbleride retailer, our customer care department, or look for them at a local bicycle store. We recommend 12″ x 1.75/2″ or 12.5″ x 2.25″ Schrader valve inner tubes. We sell them for $ 5.00 plus shipping. If you live in an area with lots of thorns or burrs on the road, sidewalk or trail, we recommend Sliming your tires, http://www.slime.com/ . Replacing the inner tube youself? Make sure to purchase a tire lever and reference this PDF.

11. How do I attach the jogging strap on my Indie or Indie Twin?

Lay the jogging strap over the cushion handle so that both ends are hanging with equal lengths. Next, choose one side (preference) of the belt and loop it through the other loop around the handle. Pull tight and the strap will then cinch down. The strap is ready and installed once cinched down.

12. How do I use the air pump?

First, remove the stem cap from inner tube. Next, pinch the tire with one hand behind the stem to push the stem outward. With your other hand, place the head of the pump on the stem as much as possible. Next,  lightly bend the stem away from the spokes while keeping the pump on so the lever on the pump can be lifted. This will create an air lock. Pump until the tire is quite firm to the squeeze but not basketball/ rock hard. If you don’t hear and feel air going in the tire, try reattaching. We recommend 25-30 psi not the 35 psi on the sidewall of tire. For further assistance please contact your local Bumbleride retailer or our customer care department at 1-800-530-3930 or info@bumbleride.com  .

13. How do I clean my Mini Board griptape/deck?

We recommend purchasing a piece of “Natural Rubber Pickup” or “Rubber Cement Pickup” or “Crepe Rubber Cement Pickup” which removes dirt and debris from grip tape when rubbed against it.