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Snack Pack

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Snack Pack - Aquamarine
Snack Pack - Green Papyrus
Green Papyrus
Snack Pack - Cayenne Red
Cayenne Red
Snack Pack - Jet Black
Jet Black
Snack Pack - Fog Grey
Fog Grey
Snack Pack - Lotus Blue
Lotus Blue
Snack Pack - Lotus Pink
Lotus Pink

Bumbleride Snack Pack

The one thing every parent needs to make their Bumbleride complete is now available! The Bumbleride Snack Pack is a cleverly designed soft pouch packaged with its own adapter bar to make installation quick and simple.

Snack Pack's interior is divided in to two compartments and is easy to wipe down and keep clean. Its zip-up design means Snack Pack can go from stroller to car to home with ease.


- Accommodates Indie, Indie Twin, Flite & Indie 4
- Comes paired with adapter bar to be installed directly onto stroller
- Easy release Velcro flaps
- Water proof sealed fabric inner area for easy clean up
- Available in Green Papyrus, Aquamarine, Cayenne Red, Jet Black, Fog Grey, Lotus Blue & Lotus Pink

Bumbleride Snack Pack on Flite
Bumbleride Snack Pack on Indie
Bumbleride Snack Pack on Indie Twin