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Indie 4

Indie 4 is a compact, lightweight all-terrain stroller designed to bridge the gap between urban errands and off-road adventures while adapting to babies at any age or stage. Use the optional bassinet when your child is an infant, and remove it when they're ready for a forward facing seat. The convertible stroller is also equipped with an all-wheel suspension and plenty of storage room, making it ready for any trek.


Indie is designed for the active family who wants the ability of an all-terrain jogger without sacrificing clean lines and intuitive operation. Indie's fully adjustable backrest, footrest and handle create a customized fit for you and your little one from birth and up. Whether you're jogging the trail or navigating through an urban market, Indie will be the only stroller you need.

Indie Twin

Active families need a stroller cut from the same cloth. With Bumbleride's jogging strollers you get just that – rugged, intuitive operation and a smooth gliding ride thanks to inline front wheels. When you're looking is looking for the right device to fit your dynamic lifestyle, turn to Bumbleride's family of jogging strollers.


Flite may be lightweight, but its variety of features and durability make it far from your average umbrella stroller. Its smart shape allows it to collapse ultra-compact, making the most of your valuable storage space and the included car seat adapter allows Flite to grow with your family. Flite glides on a smooth wheel system and is supported by front and rear suspensions to tackle bumpy, urban sidewalks with ease.