Best Strollers of 2016 – Speed Running Stroller – New York Family Magazine

February 12th, 2016


Best Strollers of 2016 –  Speed Running Stroller – New York Family Magazine

“The Speed, which hits stores this spring, is the first designated running stroller to join the Bumbleride family. With the ultimate balance of durability and lightweight performance, the Speed (which weighs in at 23.5 lbs), stays true to Bumbleride’s commitment to clean and mindful design featuring new and improved eco-fabrics. Equipped with Speed3 steering, it’s engineered to let you run at your own pace. Plus, this innovative stroller features a one-step compact fold with auto-lock, all-wheel suspension with air-filled tires, an SPF 45+ multi-position canopy, and more. $549.99,” – NY Family

Thank you New York Family for naming Speed one of the best strollers of 2016!

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Best Double Stroller 2015 – Indie Twin – Baby Gizmo Awards

January 27th, 2016

Best Double Stroller Bumbleride Indie Twin Double Stroller

Best Double Stroller 2015 – Indie Twin – Baby Gizmo Awards

The Bumbleride Indie Twin has been one of our favorite double strollers for years! It is not only gorgeous but a practical, side-by-side stroller that is parent and multiple-kid-friendly. Watch the Bumbleride Indie Twin Baby Gizmo Video Review.

What we like best:

  1. Roomy, seats with flat reclines that can accommodate a newborn (or two!).
  2. Independent reclines for those days that one needs to rest and the other child is about seeing the world.
  3. Huge, independent canopies.
  4. Pushes like a dream (even with one hand!).
  5. Giant basket.
  6. Adjustable handlebar.
  7. Twin Moms: It can accommodate 2 infant car seats at the same time! With twins, how do you choose who stays in a car seat and who gets the stroller seat in the other double stroller options?” – Baby Gizmo

Watch Baby Gizmo’s Indie Twin review here, .

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Spotlight On Christina Vargas and Bumbleride Indie Giveaway- Gugu Guru

January 25th, 2016


Spotlight on Fitness pro Christina Vargas and Bumbleride Giveaway

Spotlight on Christina Vargas and Bumbleride Indie Giveaway

Excerpt: “Gugu Guru was so excited to be able to help the ultimate fit mama-to-be and professional athlete, Christina Vargas, with her baby registry. If you’re one of those people who regularly uses the #fitfam hashtag on Instagram, you’re probably very familiar with this I.F.B.B. and two time Olympian figure and bikini pro. If not, you can get to know her on Instagram here and follow her pregnancy and soon her postpartum fitness journey. Christina is due with her first baby – a girl – in early February.

Here we talk about why the Bumbleride Indie is the perfect match stroller for Christina’s active lifestyle and her baby registry.  Plus, if you think this jogging stroller is for you too, Bumbleride is giving one of our readers a chance to win her own! Christina was looking for a gorgeous, high quality, all terrain jogging stroller to fit within her fitness-focused lifestyle that is also suitable for everyday use.  Chock-full of must have features like air filled tires, a large canopy, eco fabrics and more, Gugu Guru recommended the Bumbleride Indie for Christina’s registry.

Eco Fabrics
Ever committed to reducing the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes, each Bumbleride stroller is made with post consumer plastic bottles blended into the exterior of the seat fabric (rPET) along with bamboo charcoal blended into the interior, offering temperature regulation, moisture wicking and an ultra soft touch for baby. Bumbleride makes gear for families to get out and do what they love, while doing their best to preserve the planet.” – Gugu Guru

Setting up your baby registry? Make sure to check out Gugu Guru!


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bumbleride giveaway

Most Versatile All Terrain Stroller & Easiest Double Stroller -Cribsie Finalist – Thanks For Your Vote!

January 11th, 2016

We need your vote! Most Versatile All Terrain Stroller and Easiest Double Stroller

We need your vote! – Cribsie Awards Finalist – Most Versatile All Terrain Stroller & Easiest Double Stroller

We need your vote Bumbleride Family!

Our Indie & Indie Twin have been nominated Finalists in the Most Versatile All Terrain Stroller & Easiest Double Stroller categories in the 2016 Cribsie Awards presented by StrollerTraffic & TheBabyGuyDen!!

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Your vote helps other parents find the right stroller for their family and it helps Bumbleride grow.

Thank YOU so much for any time spent voting and sharing this post!

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Best Double Stroller – Best of Baby – the bump – Indie Twin Double Stroller

January 8th, 2016

Best Double Stroller Bumbleride Indie Twin Best of Baby 2016 the bump

Best Double Stroller 2016 – Indie Twin

“Toting two doesn’t mean a wide load that takes up a city sidewalk.

A double stroller isn’t just for moms of multiples. Whether you have twins or little ones of different ages, you need a set of wheels to accommodate a pair. And that pair might have different ideas of what’s comfortable. Not a problem; the Indie Twin can adapt.


  • Individually adjustable backrests and footrests keep babies of different sizes (and nap schedules) comfortable
  • Car seat and carrycot compatible, it can accommodate two infants at a time—or any combination of two kids under 90 pounds
  • 12-inch air-filled tires can swivel or lock in place, so this stroller is seriously easy to push and pivot, even with just one hand


Traveling with two isn’t always easy, but this streamlined double stroller—only 29 inches wide!—is meant to take you places.” -the bump Editors

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Thank you the bump Editors for choosing Indie Twin for the second year in a row as Best Double Stroller! 

Big City Moms – Strollers To Look Out For In 2016 – Bumbleride Speed

January 7th, 2016


Strollers To Look Out For In 2016

Excerpt from Big City Moms: “The baby and toddler industry is continually making advancements when it comes to products to help make our lives as parents easier.

A stroller is a big purchase for many parents and it can be tough because there are so many options on the market. From lightweight, travel systems, double-strollers, and now even a stroller that’s small enough to fit under the seat of an airplane, there is something for everyone.

If you’re in the market for a new stroller this year, take a look at what will be hitting stores this year!

Bumbleride Speed Running Stroller


Bumbleride is adding a running stroller to their family. The Speed is a stroller that is made for running, all-terrain, or everyday mode With a lot of space in the basket, air filled tires, this is a great stroller for those with an active lifestyle.”

Available Spring 2015.

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Baby Gizmo – How New 2016 Strollers To Look Forward To – Speed Running Stroller

January 6th, 2016

bumbleride speed running stroller

Hot New 2016 Strollers To Look Forward To – Speed Running Stroller

Bumbleride Speed (Spring 2016)

The new Bumbleride Speed is the first designated running stroller to join the Bumbleride family and is designed to perform, no matter the athletic adventure.The Bumbleride Speed includes all air filled tires (16” rear, 12” front) and an all wheel suspension. Speed features Bumbleride’s new Speed3 steering which includes the following 3 modes:

1. Locked for running or training

2. 30-degree swivel for jogging or all terrain

3. Full 360-degree swivel for the city

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Eco Parent Magazine – Buying Greener for Your Baby & Big Ticket Giveaway

January 6th, 2016

Buying Greener for Your Baby & Big Ticket Giveaway

Buying Greener for your babyEcoParentWinter2015_Giveaway_2_28
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Crocodile Baby Stores – Why We Chose Bumbleride Strollers

December 14th, 2015

Why we chose Bumbleride Strollers for Crocodile Baby

We are now available at Crocodile Baby with stores in BC, Canada. They recently wrote a great blogpost about why they chose Bumbleride strollers. This is an excerpt from that blogpost.

“We are very picky about what strollers we sell. Every one of them has to have great maneuverability, great durability, and be backed by great after sales service from the manufacturer. We have just added Bumbleride to our list, with the Indie, the Indie twin and, coming soon, the Speed a lovely jogging specialty stroller. Here are several reasons why we have chosen this manufacturer:

The Air is Guaranteed.

Bumbleride is the only stroller company that provides a 1 year warranty on the inner tubes and tires on its strollers.

Green Fabric.

The fabric is made of recycled PET bottles and from bamboo based fabric…

A Lighter Stroller

The Bumbleride Indie is 25% lighter than its “active stroller” competitors. I  know this because I took my trusty Luggage Buddy scale and picked up each of our strollers on display (pictured above). While my device may be off as to the true weight, the relative weights of strollers is the right way to consider the “How heavy is the stroller?” question….

Made in Taiwan

Bumbleride’s factory is in Taiwan, not China. This is not a really big deal but it is nice to know the strollers are made in a smaller, family-owned factory with a real interest in making high quality products….

Getting Even Greener

In early 2016, Bumbleride will launch its new running stroller the “Speed”. Coincident with that, all of their strollers will use fabrics that have drastically reduced water consumption during the production process while improving the colour fastness. The process creates an 84% energy savings which results in 67% less CO2 emissions. How is this done? I understand it is due to the process dyeing the thread before it is made into fabric, much like the Crypton process waterproofs Clek seat fabrics. Is this a big deal?…

Safety and Health

The fabrics used in all Bumbleride stroller are Oeko Tex certified, which means they have been tested for 110 toxic substances and none have been found….”

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Warehouse Sale – {US & Canada Only}

December 14th, 2015

We’re clearing out our warehouses to make room for 2016! Our warehouse sale features current and previous collection accessories, fabrics and parts. 

To Order {US & Canada ONLY}:  Contact our friendly Customer Care at 1-800-530-3930 or between M-F 8am-4pm PST. 

 Have questions on compatibility or color? Give us a call at 1 800 530 3930! We’d love to help.

On Sale:

Indie_Vita_I-205V copy Indie Walnut I-205W copy
Indie fabric sets (canopy & seat only) $35.00 USD 
(Compatible with 2009-2012 Indie strollers, pictures above just show fabric example, strollers not available)

  • Vita (10 sets) Description: Fuchsia Pink
  • Walnut (10 sets) Description: Warm Brown

Flite_Aqua_FT-309A copyFlite_Fog_FT-309F copyFlite_Seagrass_FT-309SE copy
Flite Lotus BlueFlite Lotus PinkFlite Cayenne RedFlite_Ocean FT-309OC_copy

Flite fabric sets (canopy & seat only)  $25.00 USD (Compatible with 2009-2015 Flite strollers)

  • Aquamarine (15 sets) Description: Bright Light Teal
  • Fog Grey (8 sets) Description: Heather Grey with orange
  • Green Papyrus (5 sets) Description: Hunter Green and Very Light Blue
  • Lotus Blue or Pink (7 sets) Description: Dark Teal with Light Blue or Light Pink
  • Cayenne Red (10 sets) Description: Bold Red
  • Ocean (5 sets) Description: Warm Dark Blue

Snack Pack Walnut 2 copySnack Pack Walnut copy

Walnut Snack Pack (40 qty) $15.00 USD (Compatible with all strollers 2009+) Description: Warm Brown


Indie Twin Adjustable Bumper Bar Set $20 USD (1 set of two bars) (Compatible with 2009+ Indie Twins )

  • Jet Black Description: Black
  • Green Papyrus Description: Hunter Green 
  • Cayenne Red Description: Bold Red
  • Aquamarine  Description: Bright Light Teal
  • Fog Grey  Description: Heather Grey

Flyer Ruby Rain Shield copy Queen B Lava Rain Shield copy

Flyer/Queen B Rain shield (75 qty) $15.00 USD (Compatible with all Flyer/Queen B)